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Happy Birthday Ivana

Pepa Richmond Photography

Happy Birthday, my sweet little girl!

You are beyond anything we dreamed of you. It will never seize to amaze me how my body is capable of cooking up a small person in 9 months. It was nothing short of a miracle to get to hold you in my hands for the very first time. But to watch you grow from that tiny, helpless newborn, that only recognised my voice, to the one year old human full of energy and smiles has been an adventure in itself. And I am thankful for every moment that we have had you with us. Just like with Katie, I turn back and find it hard to imagine that you were once not with us. You were always part of this family, even before you were here. We carried you in our harts and waited to meet you and boy was the wait worth it.

On your birthday I want to wish you to never loose the strength and determination with which you practiced standing on your feet before you could walk.

To always burst out laughing unconstrained and unapologetic like you do when your sister makes farting noises.

To always stay good at heart and love freely and boldly like you do now, without the burden of experience.

To share your toys, always. To share your time, your love, your energy to make the world a better place.

To never loose your lust for life and adventure.

To listen to your mama, because she knows best! And then sometimes to just listen to your heart and if you make a mistake, then be it. Own it, learn from it and move on stronger.

I wish that you stay healthy and all the unhappiness that this life might bring you, I will hug and kiss away.

And know that you are lucky, because you already have your biggest cheerleaders in the face of your parents and the best friend there is in the face of your sister. We love you to the moon and back and then several more times.

Ivana, 10 months old

Pepa Richmond Photography

She turned 10 months two days ago and started crawling.

She also got her first tooth on April 8, and her second one less then a week later.

Unlike her sister at this age, she has been eating with an appetite and smiling non stop ;)

And just like baby Catherine, Ivana is not much for sleep at well. Oh well.

Sometimes I feel we pay too little attention to how much and how fast Ivana is growing. There is that feeling again, that this baby stage is slipping away from me, no matter how hard I try to hold on, stop right here for just a little bit and enjoy it. And there is so much to enjoy! So much I know will soon be hard to remember – the clumsy way she crawls now, how she smiles in the morning when she wakes up or half – reaches to ask me to hold her; how she lights up when she sees her sister, how she dances to the annoying music from Katie’s electronic piano, how she “swims” at the pool, how absolutely precious and peaceful she looks when she is sleeping…

At this age Ivana’s favorite>>

Toys! In general anything her sister is currently holding, but also balloons, my phone, tablet and headphones and toys that make noise (preferable annoying ones, you know). Bread&cheese. Not even at this age can she be fooled by fresh fruit and vegetables :Getting tickled and peak a boo with Katie.

She does not fancy having to go on her back to get a diaper change too much.

Last doctors visit: 4/20, Ivana was (at 9 months) 9.8kg



Taking care of baby sister

Pepa Richmond Photography

Did I mention Katie is a fabulous big sister? :)


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