Greeting a new ambassador

by Papi

On our way back home from the south african embassy, we saw the proceedings in greeting a new ambassador in Sofia. Katie slept trough the whole thing, but i guess she wouldn’t have been too impressed anyway. It made me think that we should make a plan to watch it again in the future when she will be old enough to remember and understand.

Funny enough it was my first time watching celebrations like this too, since i didn’t grew up in Sofia and it is also one of those things that u never really get to.






A friend told me a while ago that she likes the format of the blog like this – more photos and less talk. It is indeed simple and usually enough, but just sometimes i feel the need to share more, sometimes my mind just drifts and i contemplate writing all my thoughts down to publish.

For example the list of things that Katie and i should do together (so i don’t forget) or the many many things i wish i did before, that i won’t have time for before we leave Bulgaria. Or how sometimes i want to write in bulgarian and sometimes english just seems more fitting – like a comfy piece of clothing.

And when i don’t write these things down, they eventually just leave my mind and i wonder if they were just silly enough that i don’t need to remember them or… ?