10 months old

by Papi

As of yesterday you are 10 months old, my little bunny.

It is amazing how much you grow day by day and how much you change. Just in the past few weeks it seems you have accomplished so much – you learned to crawl, you started (finally!) eating more, you clap your hands and sing, and you show us how tall you’re going to be :) You were tilting you head to say hallo and now you’re passed it, when we haven’t had enough of it at all! You recognize shapes and try to fit things in to one another. You hide the TV remotes and other trophies under the couches. You make a mess out of our DVD and magazines collections. You refuse to sleep until you almost pass out on the floor. You found the power outlets and I quickly found protectors for them. You like to help when we hang the washing. You like to keep me company in the kitchen and get a treat once in a while. You still like cookies a lot. You like anything that is chewy, but then again, for you everything IS chewy. You also like Adele and Lana del ray. You laugh with us. You giggle when you crawl towards something really cool and usually – forbidden. You are truly amazing. And VERY much loved.