by Papi


I wish someone could tell me where the past 11 months went? So quickly she grows and will soon be a year old. I get sentimental over the time passed and the fact that we are just a month away from that huge milestone.

At this age: she throws a ball; she learned that some things fit into one another and now she tests everything she gets in her hands; she stands confident on her feet when holding on to something or someone; she bounces or dances when she is happy; she likes meat very much and is not so excited about veggies, but still eats almost everything i offer her; she has been in 4 different countries and on two continents; she wakes up at least twice a night; she is still breastfeeding; she met he grandparents on her dad’s side; she saw an elephant, a rhino, zebras, giraffes and impalas in the wild (she slept trough the other animals we saw, i believe); she saw snow for the first time; she loves biltong, which makes her father very proud; she loves the pool; she is simply the best baby to take on a plane; she hugs us on her own initiative; she gives away kisses; when asked for one and she is crawling like crazy!