Flight #3

by Papi

20121221-134938.jpgChecking out our “seat neighbors”.



It seems that most of my favorite pictures on the blog are very similar to these :)20121221-135059.jpg

I laughed when a guy walked on the airplane and said “this is going to be a hell of a flight”, noticing that almost every third seat has a baby in it.

For this flight we had to wake Katie up at 5am and rush her to the airport in her pajamas. She then slept on the plane and we had another chance to appreciate what a wonderful, calm baby we have.

It hasn’t been an easy week for her so far – one short and one really long flight and the 4 and something hours drives to and from Kruger, countless hours spent in the car and a lot of early mornings. It has been very exciting, but we are happy to enter a more relaxed part of our trip.