Goodbye 2012

by Papi


When i think of the year passed, my heart is overwhelmed with love. It was the happiest in my life so far and while i’m looking forward to toping that statement, i will never, ever forget it! I think it must have had it’s bitter moments, but even now i don’t remember them any more.

Here is what happened to me in 2012:

The year started with our first child being born, our amazing little Katie. As much as everything else might mean to me, this is the event that defined my whole year and the brightest memory i have from it. Being a mother changed my life in so many different ways i can’t even start to describe.
I also found out that being a mother is much more fulfilling than i expected and gives me a new purpose in life, more strength, ambition and drive.

I started this blog a little after that, inspired by my wonder.

I made a resolution to take my dslr out of its coma and i followed trough with it. This may end up being a very important decision for me.

I got married to the father of my little girl. Second best day in my life.

I reconnected with some friends, made a better effort to keep old friendships that mean a lot to me and to keep in touch with people far away. Alongside i finally cut off completely people who were just not making me happy out of my life. I feel like i am now surrounded with people i love and that inspire me.

I went to South Africa, where my husband was born and raised and getting to know his country gave me a better understanding of the person he is. I will also always carry Africa in my heart from now on, it wasn’t difficult to fall in love.

I met my parents and sister in law and hopefully started to build a good relationship with them.

We decided to move to the USA in the coming year. We are not yet committing to a life in America, but we’ll give it a fare chance and who knows. We were much more excited about this move before, but in the light of recent events over there feel a bit worried.

We spent our first Christmas and New Year’s Eve as a family of 3 by our selves. It felt right this way.