А Challenge

by Papi

I wrote a new years resolutions list this year, like I do every other and lost it again before the week was over. The truth is I’m not really a firm believer in resolution lists. There are a lot of thing that I want to do – get fitter, develop healthier eating habits for the whole family, cook more, make a realistic five year plan and etc. Well I’ll take it one by one and do my best, but I won’t send myself on a guilt trip if I fail.

This is why I was wondering for a while If I should commit to a photography challenge too. I think I did good in November (until my camera broke down), when I joined FMS’s photo a day challenge, but felt limited by having a subject every day. So I gave it a good thought and I came up with two challenges for myself!

I hope that they will help me get more comfortable with the manual settings on my camera and more confident when I have to confront people and ask to take their photo. I also think that by publicly committing to them I might actually follow trough :)

The first one will start on my little girl’s first birthday, less then a week from now, and is a 365 type a project. 365 days of Katie throughout her second year. I am not going to be hard on myself, promising to upload every day, but I will take a picture a day for sure.

For the second one I will try to take one picture a week of a family member. My goal is to make the time worth, that i have left with them and to take a decent amount of family photos and individual portraits to the states with me.

So feel free to remind me of this post if you see me getting lazy :)