365 6, 7, 8

by Papi

Little one is interrupted on her way to my shoes. She just loves to rearrange them and stuff her toys down my boots for later :)

We get a lot of these, yes. If you come by when I’m trying to take my daily picture of our girl, you will hear a lot of “Kate, stop, stay there. Please don’t move. Just one shot sweetie. Katie, look. Katie, over here. Katie, no…” :) She’s just very rarely not moving.

Every time I see Kate dressed predominately in one color, I get surprised with how good it suits her. Even pink, she looks just so adorable and girly in pink! Blue suits her eyes, yellow compliments her hair color, red makes her skin even brighter… I can go one through the whole rainbow.

Typically motherly I believe that my girl is divinely beautiful (also why I thought it is a great idea to document every move she makes), so surely it should have occurred to me sooner that every color is “her color”.