Fake Polaroids

by Papi

Do you like fake polaroids? Or do you think they’re rather stupid and if you can’t have the real thing then you should just let it go?

I always loved polaroids and dreamed of having my own instant camera. When I moved to Sofia and started making some more money, one of the first things I put on my wish list was a real polaroid camera. I checked online and they didn’t even look expensive. Until I took time to calculate how much they will cost in film. Seriously?!?! So I gave up that idea and turned to … fake ones. I learned how to make them in photoshop and spend an afternoon having lots of fun, but after all that took a lot of time and as much as the frame looked genuine, the photos inside it didn’t.

Recently I made a big step forward (haha) and I finally replaced my Maestro card with a VISA. The main difference being that the new one can make online purchases. I was itching to try it out, without spending a fortune, so I decided to buy my first Smart phone App (the first one bought with my own money at least. So far all my devices – phone, tablet and kindle have been kindly funded by my husband :) ). And this is when I stumbled upon Instant!

It has a good deal of filters to use on the photos, even some that make it look a lot less like a polaroid. According to the developer’s description 10 of them will make the photo look like a genuine one. It’s very simple and easy to use and I also like that you can choose a photo from the library and that you can save the photo to your phone without having to share it in a social media.