by Papi

When my husband first heard that he has to move (at that time for just a few months) to Bulgaria, he realized that he only knows one thing for sure about this country – this is where yogurt came from. All of us, bulgarians, have been raised eating yogurt for breakfast and drinking it with every other meal. But I must say I was still surprised when Katie first tasted airian (yogurt mixed with water 1:1) and loved it. Bulgarian yogurt is not the usual fruity or muesli mix that people in other countries are used to. Even the plane yogurt that I tasted in Austria was creamy and some how sweet. Bulgarian yogurt is sour. Kind of.

But she loves it and she can drink as much as you give her. I am trying to keep it down to half a liter a day, because it fills her stomach and makes her skip meals. My little bulgarian girl! I understand now how John felt when she was loving droewors in SA. Being away from home makes you appreciate every little bit of your culture that your kids soaks in. And at this age we are pretty much limited to food :)