1 year and 1month old

by Papi


At this time last year we were only alone together for 2 weeks (after my mom left) and we were still learning how to live like a family of 3. You, my baby girl, were a tiny little doll, perfect, precious and essentially still an extension to my body. You were a month old and it almost felt as if you’re still in my tummy, still a part of me, we were so close and inseparable. Every day you’re growing more independent, needing me less. And as your grandma likes to say, soon enough you will be graduating high school and I will wonder where all those years went.

You are our biggest adventure.

At this age you are almost walking. You can stand up on your own, but are still hesitant to make the first step. You like to talk to your dad over skype, play little tricks to the camera and smile, when you hear his voice. You like to sit in corners and boxes. You like to unpack, play with you cousin’s car toys, whenever he’s not around to stop you, you clap your hands, when I sing you a song, you can spend 20 minutes opening and closing the wardrobe door. You are still very passionate about cookies and taking a bath. Today you learned to climb stairs, all on your own. You lie on your tummy and hide your face to show me you’re upset. You give away kisses, without being asked for, just to show someone you’re happy to see them, you wave goodbye. You go “Oh” every time something catches your attention. You say “mama” and point your finger, but not always at me. Sometimes you actually point at yourself.

You still don’t like getting dressed and you are getting more inpatient sitting in the pram, then you did before.

And soon you and me will pack our bags and follow your dad to America. A new era in our lives is beginning, but you won’t remember this time spent living in Bulgaria and sometimes that breaks my heart.