by Papi

There is a post that has been out on hold for a while. It was very naive of me to think I’ll have time for the blog as soon as arrive :)

Today I finally came around to sorting these and some more photos out, thanks to my wonderful husband.


Proshtupulnik is a non-religious tradition that celebrates a child’s first steps. Different people I asked told me different things about how and when it should be done, but I decided I’d like for Katie to be walking comfortably before we do it. For about two weeks she was only making 2-3 steps at a time and didn’t seem too excited about it and we would have probably done the proshtupulnik before we left the country anyway, but I’m really glad she actually got to walk, really walk, the day before.

Family and friends are invited and a few different objects are laid on a table, symbolic of various professions. Then the little one is… well gently navigated to walk to the table and pick one. According to tradition, the child will choose the tool of his or her future profession.

So we gathered the whole family and had a great celebration. Katie’s father witnessed the whole thing on his computer, which is the best we could do and I’m glad he was there to see it.

On our table we had: a book (for scientist, professor, teacher) , a paintbrush (an artist, painter), a computer mouse (IT), a pen (a writer), a doctor’s tool (obviously ;)), a mask (for an actress, performer), a tennis ball (a sports player), а thread (for a sartor), a ruler (an architect) , a wallet (financier) and an iPod (musician).

So what was Katie’s first pick?

I might have had a secret plan to put some of the items forward ;), but someone else ended up putting the little table together, so it was all fair :)

I was also supposed to make a bread and roll it for Katie to chase to the table. We decided to change the tradition a little bit and had my mom bake the bread; and instead of wiping the floor with it, we ate it. It. Was. Delicious!