365 58

by Papi

I am so very thankful for technology these days. I often think of what our life would have been now if I had to wait for a letter from my parents for a month or so, to only get to read old news, or if I had to have very quick phone conversations that we can’t afford. Instead I get to hear from them every day, see them and Katie gets to make funny faces, wave goodbye and blow them kisses.

It still breaks my heart a little bit every time she reaches her hands to the monitor trying to hug somebody or wanting to shake mine and my mom’s hands at the same time, but it is nice to see them keep in touch, to see that Kate still remembers everyone and is happy to see them.

Today we also got to see her older cousin Gogo and we had the sweetest conversation with him. He said “I want baby Kate to come over here”, “we are very far away”, I replied. “Where are you?”, “In America. Across an ocean”. He though about it and ran away, only to come back with a bottle – “then I brought you some milk”.