Dinner for 3

by Papi

Since we moved here, Katie slowly stopped eating purees from the shop. She finished what I had packed in Bulgaria and then I just never bought new ones. She is still eating some for breakfast, because if you know me, you know I am not a morning person and find it extremely difficult to focus on anything until after our first meal of the day. Remembering how difficult it was to feed her in the beginning and for a very long time, I am so thankful that she finally seems to like everything I cook for her. But it offers a new challenge to make sure everything we eat is suitable for her too.

Also – we simply love this new baby chair we got. We had it in our minds since our south african trip, where most restaurant will had such and we made sure we get a table that we can put it on. Back in our old apartment we had a glass table that made it impossible to use one. It is much easier to use, to clean and it takes a lot less space then the regular high chair we got before. We strongly recommend it!