Kate’s first room

by Papi

Since we moved in to our new home in America, I have had a little project on my mind, but life has been crazy.

We have discussed many times when we feel Katie needs to move to her own room, but I never felt ready. The fact that she still doesn’t sleep through the night didn’t help my decision. But back in Bulgaria we had more excuses – we were using our spare bedroom as a storage place, the upcoming move would have forced us to make a lot of changes anyway, moving her giant bed would involve rebuilding it… Not being allowed to make any changes in the apartment like painting the rooms or hanging pictures on the walls was also a bit of a mood kill.

But since we came here the decision has been clearing up for me and I got very excited about getting her room ready. As I’m typing this, Katie is sleeping in her bed and her room for the first time. I figured I would slowly get her comfortable with playing in her room, as it would be very unfamiliar at first, then eventually put her there for her afternoon sleep until we’re ready for her to move permanently.

After I set this plan in motion I can get my hands on the fun stuff – furnishing and decorating her little space. Every since she was born both John and I have dreamed about this, but no pressure :)

We are still facing some limitations. We have a short term contract for this place, so it doesn’t make any sense to paint a room that has been recently repainted, so we will have to go with the beige walls. I also don’t want to buy too many furniture, to only have to move them next year and risk them not fitting well in our new home. I also decided to keep all the furniture white for two reasons – it will let me be more playful with accessories and it will add light to the room, make it look more spacious.

So this is where we’re starting from. We have a bed, a carpet, a comfy chair (for me to cuddle and breastfeed the little one to sleep) and a small wardrobe. All white and all from Ikea. Ideas are already bouncing in my head and i’m browsing the internet for more inspiration.

I have always been a big fan of simple, creative posters in pastel colors for a little child’s room, so that is the first thing I went after. I figured that before I spend more money, I can look for free ones as many graphic designers often release cool free prints on their blogs and websites. After just a quick search I found a lot of suggestions and there are my favorites:

alphabet posters in different colors from kind over matter

some more Kind over matter freebies

quotes from popular kid’s songs

I also liked this idea to put Katie’s name on the wall in a way, but this is something I can easily do myself.

Moving forward I will decide wether to use them or not. I didn’t want to start with them, as I can easily find them in any color I decide to add to our white room. I also plan to put some photos up on the walls and I will wait and see if the space can take more frames without going from cosy to tacky.

I also still have a few illustrations that I bought at an exhibition a long time ago, the size of a bigger greeting cards and a calendar with artwork of a friend of mine, that I would love to hang up. The calendar is from last year, so I will be cutting the dates off and framing the pictures.

I think that to achieve what I’m dreaming of, I can only use two of these ideas, so I’m still deciding.

I am also looking for another storage space with shelves and storage boxes, a chair for Kate, a bed lamp and a few other things that we’ll be getting once we have a car. I can’t wait to see all of it shape in to m little girl’s first room!