Kitchen mess #2 (and a few thoughts on buying)

by Papi

^^whats going on there? Is that a little chubby bum sticking our of my tupperware cabinet?

If you ever need to look for Katie, just follow the mess.

I can’t find where, but I remember posting about how we try to not say “no” to everything, so if there is no harm in what the little one is doing, we will just let her. Letting her make little messes like this and humbly walking behind her picking it all up is a good example. It can get a bit too much sometimes, but I never felt like stopping her. There is a very simple happiness in being a child and not having to worry about things. Like keeping your living space presentable. That is why she has us. She will have plenty of time for silly worries later in her life.

It also fascinates me how she finds thing like tupperware interesting, instead the colorful, “educational” toys she has stored up in her room. And part of me actually enjoys that none of those little tricks – the bright colors and loud noises, work on her. Me and my husband have a little disagreement on how much toys Katie needs to have and this is reassuring me that maybe I am on the right way and there is really no reason on spending loads of money and stuffing her space with commercial toys. Then of course we go to the shop and I spot  cute anything that I would have loved when I was a kid and we can not resist it :) I am thankful for being able to get her all those things, but sometimes I remember my own childhood and how much appreciation we had for any little new thing we would get, because we didn’t have much. Or the crazy kids creativity blossoming into us making ourselves TVs for the dolls out of old matchsticks boxes. I have the tendency to get all sentimental about those years and need to remind myself that the different childhood Katie will have is not necessary better or worse then mine. Just different.

A while ago one of my favorite mom bloggers posted about living simple and she made a commitment not to buy anything (aside from essentials) for a whole year. Now I know I couldn’t do that for sure, it feels too extreme for me, at least at this point, but it made me think a lot. It made me think about all the things we buy, that we don’t really need – for us, for the kiddo.