Ice cream

by Papi

At 1, Katie is still t0o young to share a lot of the things we enjoy, especially when it gets to food. We’ve been trying hard to build a healthier life style for her sake and well, of course, for ours, but we give in to some guilty pleasure once and a while, usually after the little one is in bed. You just can’t take a box chips out and eat it in front of a hungry, curious toddler and not expect them to climb all over you to get some.

So when we ordered ice cream for desert on our date last friday, we had a little predicament. And eventually decided a taste of ice cream won’t kill her.I think she disagrees, though :)

Dear future Katie, I know that this will be difficult for you to believe, but there was a short time in your life, not so long ago, where you hated ice cream!