365 85

by Papi

Monday comes and I am trying to shake off the weekend laziness and get back on track. Mondays are busy for monster and me, because we clean the house together and I try to do most of it while she is still awake, so I can catch up on my 365 project when she sleeps.

This weekend we also bought a car and there goes my last excuse to stay in the house. As much as I would like to be out, going out with Katie is always a hustle.  I still haven’t exactly tackled the whole easy – breezy mothering, so this is how us getting ready for a walk looks: I pack a backpack with things enough for a camping trip in the mountains, take both the stroller and the ergo (just in case), then chase Katie around trying to put her pants on, while she goes “no, no”. While I take her shoes out, she has unpacks the backpack on the floor and is stuffing my shoes with diapers and baby toys and while I pack again, she casually takes her shoes on and tries to rather put on mine. Ok now, this is how we are on a bad day. We have a lot of good ones too. And things also tend to fall in to place. The more you have to do, the better you organize. And the days feel full, instead of kinda rolling pass you.

Having a car will open a whole new Pittsburgh to us and I can’t wait to explore it.