Veggie dinner

by Papi

Is there a proper word for vegetarian meatballs?!

As much as we try to eat healthy, we have a special place in our hearts for delicious, greasy food :). The least we do is try to eat it at home and control whats in it. And since we like burgers a lot, I’ve been looking for a while for the perfect veggie meatballs recipe. And I think I finally have a hit.

I don’t see me as a cooking guru, actually I am often intimidated by other peoples cooking skills, and that is why I never wanted to post recipes on this blog. However I am so proud of this one, I couldn’t resist myself.

What I used is

a sweet potato

a regular potato

2 carrots

an onion

cumin, salt, red and black pepper


I grated and braised everything together until it was halfway cooked, formed it into meatballs after it cooled down and fried them. A healthier option will be to bake burgers, which is what I will try to do next time. So far every time I’ve tried to bake burgers it has been a sublime fail, so we’ll see :)

I am also looking for a trick to keep them together long enough to put on a braai (bbq) and will welcome any ideas.