Happy mother’s day

by Papi

Back in my home we celebrate mother’s day on the 8th of march.

It has always felt like a very special holiday, probably because my mother is a very special woman. For all those years of celebrating her holiday, I have relentlessly  made two wishes – that she will always be beside me and that I would one day be for my children the mother she is for me.

The first time I celebrated mothers day as a mother, my daughter was a bit over a month old and my heart was overwhelmed with love and pride – I made her. She is mine and I am hers. Our voices, smells and hazy faces were her whole world and that is the most rewarding, beautiful feeling in the world. And in a little corner of my mind a picture of my mom and me as a baby was painted. I tried to imagine her holding me, experiencing motherhood for the first time, like I did. I imagined my grandmother, holding her, smelling her hair, kissing her toes. And this is a feeling I can’t describe. Words fail me and my eyes fill with tears. I am happier then my heart can handle. I am part of a magic.

But today I will celebrate again. I will celebrate the honor of being her mother. I can do that every day. And I will celebrate the honor of being my mom’s daughter, being part of a family of such strong, beautiful, inspiring women.