day 21

by Papi

This is Kate, on the 21st of april:

And Katie, on her birthday, about 3 months ago:

Isn’t it just frightening how much she has grown in that short time?!

At this age Katie is… grumpy. She is teething and getting over a cold at the same time, draining us of our power by the end of the day. And keeping us up at night.

She is also charming and flirty, getting over her shyness a bit.

She doesn’t like sharing as much as she did and is now defending her property from us and other kids shouting threats in her cute baby language.

She is picky with food and carefully checks the spoon that I hold in front of her every time.

She is walking and even running around and slowly loosing her baby looks and turning in to a little girl.

She still likes being naked a lot more then having clothes on and is only getting more difficult to catch, when she is running away from a nappy change :)

She is interested in animals, but is also afraid of them and I wish we had a dog around for her to get used to.

She is still a loving little person and there is nothing more precious then her kisses and hugs.