Writing a letter

by Papi

This is the first time in years I sit down to write a letter on paper and I am a bit embarrassed to say that by page 4 my hand was shaking. Gone are the days when I applied for university with a 40-50 (I can’t remember any more) pages long essay.

I used to exchange letters with a friend of mine in Germany, just for the fun of it and because we both missed that special feeling of receiving a letter in your mailbox rather than just bills. But life got busy and letters turned in to postcard, less and less until I never got or sent another one.

It has been soon long now, I actually think my handwriting changed :)

The truth is that even when I took weeks or months to respond, I would put a lot more thought and emotion in those letters, then I do in a quick email. And I miss it a lot.

This letter and a big bunch of photos have a long way to go to get to my in laws in SA. Good luck, letter.