5 things

by Papi

Here are five things I don’t usually carry in my bag:

1. A banana. I usually freak out by the thought of something spilling or getting squished and all over the insides of my bag. I just do not carry food with me and on the rear occasion when I couldn’t resist the temptation to slip a chocolate bar or a fruit for later it has always proven to be a bad decision. But when I was about to go for a car ride with a toddler, who just refused to ear her breakfast I had to choose the better of two evils and pack an emergency snack. Anyone who has been stuck in traffic with a hungry kid in the back seat will know what I am talking about :)

(I think I’ve finally made the move back to purses, after only carrying a diaper bag for more then a year. Hooray.)

2. One shoe? Following an advise I got from a shoe sales woman a while ago, I always get Katie’s shoes rather a size bigger then a size smaller (according to my experience there is NO size in between). Unfortunately that makes them a bit easier for her to kick off her feet just before I put her in the car, or while I carry her. We usually leave the house with two shoes on, but come back with me having at least one of them in my bag.

3. A spare pair of jeans for Katie. Well, what can I say…

4. Makeup. I’m not one to put make up every time I leave the house (more like never), but my skin did not take this move as good as I’ve hoped and I am battling the consequences with a quality foundation.

5. A handwritten letter to my in laws and a bunch of photos we printed to send them.

Ah, motherhood. Makes its way in to everything. Even in a territory that was once sacred – the inside of my bag :)