by Papi

I am halfway trough the 365 project now and I am definitely struggling to keep it up. I’ve made a few compromises lately – like uploading images with disappointing quality, just because I have nothing else from that day to post and not writing anything along side, just because by the time I process and upload the photos, the momentum has faded away and anything I type feels empty.

On the other side I sometimes take time to go back and browse through my first 365 posts and I remind myself why I’m doing this. Katie literary changes by the minute and I enjoy documenting this process in details, hoping I miss as little as possible.

At this point I feel that I won’t be doing this again, or maybe not for a while, once the year is through. But now I have the habit of carrying my camera everywhere with me and I plan to stick to it, minus the pressure of keeping up with the project on daily bases.