Another week went by

by Papi


After uploading mostly iPhone pictures last week, I finally kicked myself in the but and grabbed my camera again.

When I first decided to start the 365 project, I didn’t imagine it will take so much of my time. See, I thought snapping a photo a day couldn’t be too time consuming, plus I’ve seen a lot of people do it – people with more then one kid, people juggling children and work, people living out of a suitcase… and they somehow managed.

I did know that the beginning is hard, because I have started many more project like this one in the past and I usually made it to day 2 or 3 with all of those. A favorite quote by Mark Twain always comes to mind – “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

But it does take time. And more then that – it takes time to myself. Time to concentrate in peace and quiet, possibly with no interruptions. And as I’ve mentioned before it is incredibly discouraging looking at photos just piling and piling.

The magic trick to go back on track turned out to be a lot simpler then I expected. Today I just sat down and browsed through all the photos since Katie’s birthday, I watched her change in each and every one of them, grow in to a different person in a few short months and I realized I can’t just let it go. It means so much to me.

^^I found an online shop that delivers traditional bulgarian food products and I quickly ordered my favorites, on of them being liutenica. I am delighted to say Katie loves it too, actually she can’t have enough. It makes me laugh every time I see her face covered in it after we’ve had a snack – such a bulgarian thing to see in my american home.

^^On sunday we went for our first family bike ride in downtown Pittsburgh.

I rarely put a photo in this project that is not OF my daughter (actually this is the second time), but I couldn’t resist it. Kate simply loves to rearrange my things and I often open a drawer in the kitchen looking for something (in this case my grader), only to find a completely different item – her south african friend, the Giraffe. Where my grader went is still a mystery, but I will run into it eventually.