We bought bicycles

by Papi

We finally bought bicycles! I haven’t even been on one, since I lived with my parents, and that was a while ago. I think John was secretly hoping I would have forgotten how to ride a bike and provide him with a decent amount of amusement on my test drive (oh yes, we test drove them before we payed), but it is true what they say “its just like riding a bike”.

We got Katie a baby trailer, but we plan to get a chair for the back of my bicycle to and switch between them as we feel fitting. I am  hoping to keep the chair on my bike for short rides when it is just the two of us and attach the trailer to Johns, when we plan to spend a day out like we did last weekend.

We enjoyed a long sunday in downtown Pittsburgh, despite the summer heat. We parked the car near Point Park and went to the fountain, where we ended up getting soaked after some wind blew buckets of water on us before we could run away. Now I am so sorry I don’t have a picture of that, but you could probably see what it did to my hair in one of these photos. We followed some random streets in the city, then crossed the river to go to PNC Park and the Steeler’s stadium, had lunch and went back. We took a few stops to give Katie a break, as it doesn’t seem like the trailer is too comfortable. Fortunately it is something we hope we can fix. Despite some little discomforts though, she seemed to enjoy our adventure and her first time “on” a bike.

^^I find downtown Pittsburgh with all its bridges very charming. And I simply love the view u get, crossing them at night.

We have decide to make this our “sunday thing” and continue to explore the city throughout this summer.