We braai… a lot.

by Papi

We braai(bbq). A lot. We love the smoky – tasting food, the time spent outside, the sun in our eyes. John loves the braai, and I love the fact that he does most of the cooking. We also like to accompany it all with a light beer. So almost every sunday we send out invites to our closest friends and we braai, talk, laugh and enjoy Katie’s one man show. But last sunday most of our friends were away (or hangover), so we decided to have a braai for 3. The preparation time – cut in half, and so was the cleaning up after :)

I bought veggie dogs for the first time too, so I don’t need to feel like an outcast any more. If any vegetarians are reading this, they will know what its like looking at everyone having a hot dog with melter cheese, arugula, sautéed onions and other delicious things on top and not being able to have one too. It turns out that it is a very wide variety of veggie substitutes you can put on a braai in the grocery shops here.

So I looked at my photos from that sunday and guess what? The are almost all of Katie :)