365 with a big delay

by Papi

^^ Me and my little monkey being silly.

I recently bought two gorgeous vintage chairs from a person moving house on our block. It was an awkward experience for me, because I inquired about them with the movers and they told me to go inside the house and ask the owner. Being my very shy self I was mortified, but I had to have the chairs. I held on my 1yo’s hand for support and I went inside to bargain (another thing that makes me feel very uncomfortable). I got them for 40$ in a great condition and since then I’ve been dying to photograph Katie on them and show you the pictures… Katie however disagrees. I’ve failed multiple times to make her sit on either one for more then 2 seconds. So in two seconds I managed to snap this quicky closeup, while holding her in with one leg :)

Over the past maybe two months Katie took a new interest in her stuffed toys and we find that pretty cute. She is talking to them, feeding them, giving them kisses and carrying them around with her. She sits and puts a stuffed friend sit next to her. Most of the time I’m included in the game, but then there are the times, when she thinks I am not paying attention and she just sits there and has little baby conversations with her stuffed giraffe. I almost can’t handle so much adorable!