Scroll, scroll… 38 out of 365

by Papi

Being “forced” to literary count down the days of Katie’s second year, I am reminded of how quickly it all just goes by.

In the craziness of us leaving for Bulgaria for a whole month, I totally neglected my camera. When we managed to take a breath and settle in to our new routine, I realized I am missing photos for a few days, so I had to include some photos from my phone, to save the project.

Days go by quickly, when it is just me and monkey. We went out to see some friends, cooked very little and tried to leave the house in a decent state. I always get frustrated with packing for a long trip, being so afraid that I might leave something important behind. My husband on the other hand is my total opposite. He hates the actual flying part of the trip, but is very calm and efficient with packing, getting to the airport and on the plane. I don’t think he would have dropped a hundred things while trying to get everything on the line for security check or misplaced his passport and boarding card all so many times as I did. Then again, he has never travelled alone with monkey, so we’ll live to see :)

Packing a few snacks from home for our trip was a very good decision!


Another iPhone photo snuck its way in to the project. We were walking our dinner off, when Katie ran over to her cousin Gogo and held his hand, all on her own. We’ve never asked them to do this before, it was all her and I thought it is the sweetest thing. I had my camera on me, but was to afraid to miss the moment, so instead I took my phone out and snapped a few quick pictures.

That night we also taught Katie to say Gogo’s name.

Countless lazy days at the sea, I miss u so.

Early grapes from my parents’ garden.

Katie, trying figs for the first time :)

Making friends! Katie’s love for animals has only been growing. We haven’t yet seen a living creature that she is not interested in, including two flies living in our bathroom to which she says hallo and goodbye.

John, rocking a toddler on his back and the awesome sunglasses I convinced him to get.

One of my favorite photos from this past month and a half!

And the last photo I took of Katie in Bulgaria, the day before we left :(

On fight #20.

Potty training!

All geared up for SA vs NZ.

Thank you for scrolling all the way down here :)