Three rivers bike trail

by Papi

Before we left for our trip to Bulgaria, we decided to make use of what might have been the last sunny weekend in Pittsburgh for us and go on a nice bike ride. We chose the three rivers bike trail – we started on Carson street, rode along the river to Station square, crossed the Fort Pitt bridge and then headed for the National Aviary.

To my surprise, even at this age, Katie enjoyed the bird sanctuary a lot.

The trail is easy and suitable for very inexperienced (unfit) cyclers like myself. I have to put it in here that we had to go on the road once (for a few meters, but on a busy one), which we usually avoid when we have the little one in a trailer; and that we might have caused some inconvenience to others while crossing the bridge, because they had to make way for our oversized buggy, but these are both barely worth mentioning.

Most of it looked like this:

And the Aviary:

What I missed on our route (or must I say in the US altogether) was a place when you can get a fresh, healthy sandwich to go and then eat it under a tree in the park, so next time I will be packing sandwiches from home. Because we couldn’t find a decent food place where we won’t need to stop, we only ate when we were back on Carson street, in John’s favorite Double Wide. Thumbs up for the  plenty vegetarian options on the menu.