by Papi

While we were quietly enjoying life, fall and home cooked meals, like most of you, a lot of things happened. I found a job. Katie started going to day care. The pirates didn’t make it to the playoffs.We made plans for Christmas. We had our first halloween trick or treating. My computer broke and I went through another inspiration dry spell. And so on and so on.

Also, I stopped taking photos for the 365 project. Now, I was trying to come up with an explanation about why that happened, but it all kinda sounded like a lot of excuses, soI decided not to. I was disappointed to make it so far and not finish and I would probably give it another run sometimes in the future, but for now, I say goodbye.

While I struggle to process the photos from the past month on a computer that keeps restarting itself, here are my favorite photos from what turned out to be a 240  project :)

So much cuteness in one post, I actually had to stop a few times and take a deep breath. And also HOW did she grew up so much in such a short time!