Gift bags for toddlers?

by Papi

We got a lot of lovely gift bags from the other kids parents at day care for Halloween and we sure enjoyed them. Unfortunately only we did. When I finished taking out and hiding away all the things Katie is not supposed to have – chocolates and sweets, little object, lollipops etc., there wasn’t much left for her to get. So I decided to make an effort and assemble Christmas gift bags for everyone, containing only toddler-friendly treats. Well almost.

I got the buckets from Target for $1 each, the little plastic cups costed me a little over a dollar from bed, bath and beyond, but I have plenty left of them to use for something else. I also have stickers left over and of course nectarines and raisins, so it’s difficult to say how much all of this costed me.

To make the name tags I cut the front of a Christmas post card in four, so each of them had a part of a festive picture on the back.