Katie is 2

by Papi

We’ve been gone awhile. From the blog-space at least, while our life is speeding up.

Since my last post our pride and joy turned 2. It was unimaginable to us two years ago, when she was days, weeks old, that this day will ever come, that she will turn in to a little person, with a voice and opinions. Lots and lots of opinions. But there she is. 2.

For the most part of this winter Katie has been sick and we’ve been busy with her being sick. A toddler with a constantly running nose, a caught that won’t go away, fever going up and down all the time and most of all a killer mood is a lot of work. And we just can’t wait for the season to be over and the cold to go away.

So in the time that passed since we were getting ready for Christmas, we celebrated that special (only) second birthday, we started planning a trip back to Bulgaria, we found time to see friends, enjoy our little family and we went house hunting.