Toddler legwarmers

by Papi

I know I didn’t exactly discover hot water with leg warmers. A quick google search showed me that they might actually be quite popular and I don’t know how the idea to get some only occurred to my at the end of the winter.

What happened is my grandma was asking me what she can knit for Katie and since she already has more cardigans then she can wear and a dress is difficult to make without the option of at least one or two fittings, I said “leg warmers”.  I didn’t give her any directions or ideas, so these are entirely by gran’s designs too :) And I LOVE them, which is why I wanted to share. We got the same ones in blue and white.

You can buy leg warmers for toddlers on etsy, amazon, or you can check Pinterest for ideas, if you can make them yourself :) So what colors would you go for? Share your favorites!