14 posts down memory lane

by Papi

J is in San Diego this weekend and as usually whenever he leaves, I get lonely… and sentimental. So I went down the rabbit whole. It was a good reminder of all the treasures this blog keeps for me, the priceless memories and fleeting moments that I get to snap and keep – moments that could have otherwise escaped me, faded. Its a good reminder why I keep blogging too.

14 might seem as a very random number. That is because it is. I didn’t have a goal. I didn’t make sure “I got them all”. I just got some of many more I love and I sometimes go through, because the past three years have been unimaginably special. So here you go:

The last picture I took of my belly, before it became Kate.

Breastfeeding Katie at Piccadilly Circus. A simple photo to highlight my passionate opinion on women’s right to breasted their babies in public.

A post that reminds me that I have the most amazing friends. The one that helped me cut a 1000 heart shaped confetti and prepare the table cards for the wedding. Another one that almost missed an exam, running around town with my husband, helping him get the papers ready for me to get released from the hospital. The one that has been my friend since cradle and even though we’ve lived far away from each other for the past 6 years, has remained one of my closes people in the whole world. The friend that loved my country as it was hers, even though it wasn’t. The friend that travelled 2 hours to Plovdiv and two hours back just to have coffee with me, because we would have missed each other otherwise. The one that I wandered with in the streets of Sofia in the wee hours and jumped the fence of the University we were aiming for just for the fun of it. The unexpected friend that I have know for years and yet really became my friend when I had Katie, changed my lifestyle completely and was the least probable to enjoy our loud, messy company. And so many more.

These two!

One of the many documenting the preparation and the day of our wedding.

My grandma and Katie, four generations apart, yet so close.

The “at this age” posts. So I never forget a thing!

These photos, because I am more often behind the camera and I forget, that the photos of the two of us together are going to be the ones that I treasure the most years and years from now.

Our journey to South Africa.

A family photo.

Photos like these that I almost forgot about.

Our sunday bike rides in the city.

Thursday mornings at the library. This was the last one, before I went back to work and wasn’t a stay at home mom any more. Sometimes it still saddens me to think back of the days when we were inseparable.

Having the first breakfast at our new house, while daddy moves us in. I find my inspiration for photography and blogging again.