In her words

by Papi

The other day she was looking at a group picture in the times magazine, when she declared “oh, there is mommy”. On a closer look she was able to also find daddy, our friend Jim and mommy a few more times ;)


Katie is slowly growing from just repeating words to expressing herself with her limited vocabulary and I love listening to her. I have been wondering whats going through her head for the past 2 years and its nice that she’d finally share :)

I remember when my nephew was the same age and starting to put sentences together and say the funnies things, that I promised myself to write everything my daughter says down, so I don’t forget a thing when she’s older. When he was slightly older then Katie (now) and she was just a tiny baby, my sister asked him if he thinks Katie looks cute in her pajamas. He said “yes, I want you to buy me the same one when I become a baby” :))