Pony ride

by Papi

Don’t let that look fool you. We often worry that Katie comes off as a very angry child to strangers, who are generally being stared down by this face ^^ It takes her a good hour to warm up to people we meet and I still wonder if this shyness is a good thing or not.

So this weekend we took Katie to a pony ride. I can’t remember how this idea came about. Initially we just spoke that it will be a cool thing to do sometimes. Then we did the very common parenting mistake to try to offer a pony ride in exchange for good behavior, because we were somewhere public and she was about to have a temper tantrum. If you think that after a little while she would forget about it, let me tell you that so did we and us and you were both wrong.

But we need to be fair, so pony ride she got and we got a parenting lesson. With that said, we did have a wonderful afternoon and would so love to do this again.

Warming up to the idea of actually getting ON the pony^^

And finally – this is Sugar – our new pony friend. Sugar lives here – a place we had to quickly find online, after we have already promised Katie that she will see a pony that day and since driving around the park hoping to run in to a pony didn’t quite work.

They were sweet on the phone, helped with directions and were patient with Katie. They have a thing called “pony sessions” – a thirty minutes each – that include brushing a pony, taking them out for a ride and feeding them a after. They will also tell you a lot of surprising things about the animal and explain everything that you are curious about. Each session costs $35 (also bring exact change).

The price might be a little high compared to how cheap a pony ride can get at any fall festival, but the ride was longer and perfect for our little one that takes time to open up to anything, even things she knows she wants. She got to walk the pony, before she rode it and had enough time to contemplate before she got to pet her, instead of just having to move along, because someone else behind her is waiting as well.