Big sister, big job

by Papi


Watching your kid grow up is absolutely magical. Watching her blossom in to the role of Big Sister is a story all on its own.

I could have never imagined that at just almost 4 3 years old, Katie can be so caring and loving towards another little human.

Sure we had all kind of worries about how adding a new member to our family will affect Katie. We did our homework, read books and articles and tried our best to prepare her, to be fair to her when Ivana did come and give her the same amount of time and attention she was used to. Sometimes we succeed and of course sometimes we fail. Its the nature of parenthood. But I have been watching Katie grow in to her big sister role over the past few months with grace and devotion I could not have ever foreseen. And it makes me wonder if we are teaching her or she is teaching us. If she did need us to be so careful and prepared or she has always been better ready for this then we were.

I have watched her try to protect baby from everything and every one…

… speak for her, since she can’t yet speak for herself (Mommy, baby is hungry. Mommy, baby wants you to pick her up. Mommy, baby does not like this toy, she wants the other one)

… list all the things she will teach her (Mommy, when baby is older, I will show her how to talk, and how to walk, and how to use the potty, and how to dance ballet, and how to play on the slides…)

When we all wake up together, she first checks on baby and gets her morning smile. Then she looks at me with that look that says “life is good”. It is indeed.

A couple of days ago Katie saw me carry Baby out of the bedroom in the morning and asked me to put her down because she “hasn’t seen her awhile”

She is a bigger person then I can give myself credit for raising. And it fills my heart with so much joy!