Katie, my love

by Papi

I blog so rarely lately, that every time I do, wordpress changes the outlook of my dashboard! Needless to say life with two little ones has been busy, especially since I am trying to be home and present for them while keep my business afloat. I am technically on maternity leave, but not quite.

I am not complaining. Life has never been so good. I love my girls to pieces. Now that Ivana is with us, I wonder how I ever felt complete without her. I love my job too and I am so thankful that I have a passion for what I do for a living (well, barely, since you know – maternity leave) and that I have a husband who helped me overcome all my fears about my skills and starting a business.

So my dear Katie,

Life has changed. A lot. And you have changed.

At almost four you are so much more then I ever imagined you could be.

You are a cat meowing on the floor, while I am frantically trying to get stuff done.

You are a monster hiding behind the curtains.

You are a princess, wearing a fancy dress and a golden cape.

You are a ballerina.

Sometimes after we have seen your friend Alex, you are spiderman for a bit. Or another random superhero with a gun.

You are generous and loving.

You are incredibly caring and empathic towards your sister.

You have а strong feeling of what is just and fair.

You will always share, but you have to be asked nicely. And I really do mean always. Just the other day you offered to share your christmas presents with your father, because you thought he won’t be getting any.

You say “Sorry” when you are told to and then later again, when you really mean it.

You have a wild imagination and a sweet heart.

You play a lot with your stuffed toys and you tell them to get ready quickly, to put their things away and that its time for bed and if they don’t listen, they won’t get a good night book!

You are smart and intuitive. You love to master new things, yet you hate to fail at anything, which makes things difficult. When you get discouraged, we have to remind you, that practice makes perfect. A lot.

Sometimes I think you are better able to keep up a casual conversation with adults then I am. You seem to befriend adults with more ease then you do kids your own age. Sometimes this makes me worry, some other times I find it adorable. I guess its just part of growing up and building who you are. I guess all kids are curious about the life of big people.

You still absolutely adore animals. You have been asking for a dog for a couple of months now, so we have become very skillful at avoiding the D word at any cost.

Sometimes our days are easy. Sometimes they are not. But then you would say something like “Mommy, you are my best friend and I love you forever and ever” and everything else melts away. Live is wonderful.