by Papi

They say the second kid receives less attention from their parents.

I haven’t had time to gaze at Ivana’s face while she sleeps for hours, like I did with her sister (not creepy at all, just ask other moms). I haven’t had time to stretch her before bath every night, or to pass her toy after toy after toy to keep her amused. Actually she spends a lot of time in my ergo carrier, while I clean, cook, play with her sister or work. But she is always close enough for me to smell her hair and kiss her forehead and since I now live in a country that offers new parents almost no maternal/ paternal leave whatsoever, I am very very thankful to have been able to carry her close to my heart for so long.

Sometimes I will open the blog and guilt will creep in my mind for I have not documented every day and every milestone of my little one’s life. I created this space for Katie, in the late stages of my pregnancy to make sure I never forget a moment and for a while I was very good at keeping at it. Then… life got busy. But as a professional photographer I now truly understand the importance of these memories and have to constantly remind myself that nothing else is more important – the house work won’t go away, sleep I will catch on when the kids are older :)


^^ two and a half months

Pepa Richmond Photography

Pepa Richmond Photography

^^ 5 months old

It is strange how much our lives have changed since Ivana arrived, yet it all feels so normal, as if she has always been here. We are lucky to have you, kid <3