Face painting

by Papi


So we are very much in to face painting now. Its all my doing – while aimlessly walking around the local crafts store (as I so often do), I ended up purchasing something I definitely did not plan on buying that day (as I so often do).

Katie finally allowed a lady at a fair to paint her face last summer and LOVED the result. She as been requesting her face painted at every event that we visit and offers the option. And so since she wasn’t with me and I was missing her like crazy (yes, we were separated for a total of 3 or 4 hours, comes to show how often I am actually apart from any of my daughters) I bought her an impulsive present.

A couple of things that I didn’t know at the time:

  • Face painting is NOT easy.
  • If you buy a 4 yo girl face painting supplies, she will ask for her face to be painted. Every-single-day.
  • There is only that many ideas you can actually accomplish yourself.
  • There is absolutely no way to get a butterfly perfectly (or even remotely) symmetrical. And butterflies is all she will ask for.

Nevertheless it has been so much fun watching her run to the mirror and stare in awe at herself and she never ever sees the flaws in my creations <3