Little photographer

by Papi

So the other day I set up mi lights to take a few photos of a gorgeous tulip bouquet that I bought. I had gotten a little single tulip in a small pink pot for Katie to keep (and care for herself) in her room as well and natural, she requested that her tulip is photographer as well :)

She took the photos herself, which made me insanely proud, so I video-ed it :)

She was at it for a while, but I am surprised delighted to say that she did not get a lot of “off” photos. She nailed the focus on most of them and composed them pretty decently as well. Now she did take maybe a 100 shots, so I ended up deleting a lot, simply because they were very repetitive, but here is a cute one:


I can’t help but think of the first time she picked up my camera and pulled it up to her eyes. She was so little then!!!