Easter egg hunt 2016

by Papi

I am happy to report that we were not the only parents to completely forget to get a basket and had left their child to collect eggs in a plastic bag :) And that, considering we have at least 3 baskets at home with no other function but to be pulled out on easter and used for THE ONE easter egg hunt. Oh well…

Pepa Richmond Photography

So what was new for me this year (I have only done easter egg hunts for about 3 years now, it is not part of my family’s traditions) was that aside from chocolate eggs, these finds hid… money! Katie collected about $10 worth at our friends yard and this is the largest amount of money she has had in her possession ever, so I am curious to see how she chooses to spend them.

So far we’ve allowed her to sometimes have a dollar and spend it on something of her choosing, but we haven’t been very strict on whether or not the thing she “buys” is really worth the dollar or we have had to subsidize her desire a bit. I have gone back and forth on how much about money Katie needs to know – I let her pay for things we buy and have tried to explain she needs to sometimes wait for change, but I feel she is too young for even simple math (not a big math lover here…). And this will be a little of an experiment. We will count the money together and since Katie recognizes single digit numbers now, I will help her asses how much things cost and what she can spend on. I promise to try and not impose my own judgement on what is worth buying, however I do plan on taking her somewhere where I like most of the things sold (like a museum store, which is usually full of if not so useful, then at the very least interesting things)

I am curious to hear how other parents educate small kids about money. And since this pic has completely hijacked my Easter post, here are some more Easter photos to get back on track:

Pepa Richmond PhotographyPepa Richmond PhotographyPepa Richmond Photography

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