The best sister

by Papi

This is a cell phone shot, which is unusual, I know. But I love this one for a couple of reasons – first of all Katie put her pajamas on backwards, but she was so proud of herself that I didn’t have the heart to tell her. 

Second of all – this pretty much sums up our days at home – a dirty mess in the kitchen while we fix something up :) Together. 

And lastly, this is also the most natural Katie-smile that I get to enjoy so often, but so rarely get to capture in photos. 

I often tell people how amazing Kate is as a big sister. Her big, giving heart continues to surprise us every day. Over Easter she collected some money from her easter eggs. Today I suggested that she takes the money to Childrens museum so she can get herself something at the museum store. The conversation went like this: 

– Katie, do u want to get your money so you can buy yourself something.

– No. 

– Are u sure? Why?

– WellI already have all this toys, I don’t need any more (insert a look of utter shock on my face here).

– So what are going to do with the money. 

After careful consideration, she said:

– I’m going to buy Baby something. 

Talk about a proud mama moment.