Around the globe

by Papi

Pepa Richmond PhotographyPepa Richmond Photography

We have several insider jokes about this international family of ours. Between the four of us we now hold passports from four different countries and our documents drawer looks more like a spy’s safe deposit box with all the paperwork and IDs. I hold two drivers licenses and John has three. We have all important paperwork like marriage certificate and birth certificates translated and copied, I keep declarations that allow me to travel alone with the kiddos etc. Life as an expats can certainly get complicated, but we love and cherish our rich background and we try to teach Katie the same.

For this past Christmas she got a globe as a present and we have been working on giving her a better idea of the earth and where all our family lives. We are trying to explain why it takes us so long to travel to visit or why we can’t go all the time, as well as why its night at granny’s house when it is mid day at home in the US.