Ivana, 10 months old

by Papi

Pepa Richmond Photography

She turned 10 months two days ago and started crawling.

She also got her first tooth on April 8, and her second one less then a week later.

Unlike her sister at this age, she has been eating with an appetite and smiling non stop ;)

And just like baby Catherine, Ivana is not much for sleep at well. Oh well.

Sometimes I feel we pay too little attention to how much and how fast Ivana is growing. There is that feeling again, that this baby stage is slipping away from me, no matter how hard I try to hold on, stop right here for just a little bit and enjoy it. And there is so much to enjoy! So much I know will soon be hard to remember – the clumsy way she crawls now, how she smiles in the morning when she wakes up or half – reaches to ask me to hold her; how she lights up when she sees her sister, how she dances to the annoying music from Katie’s electronic piano, how she “swims” at the pool, how absolutely precious and peaceful she looks when she is sleeping…

At this age Ivana’s favorite>>

Toys! In general anything her sister is currently holding, but also balloons, my phone, tablet and headphones and toys that make noise (preferable annoying ones, you know). Bread&cheese. Not even at this age can she be fooled by fresh fruit and vegetables :Getting tickled and peak a boo with Katie.

She does not fancy having to go on her back to get a diaper change too much.

Last doctors visit: 4/20, Ivana was (at 9 months) 9.8kg