Bulgarian School

by Papi

Pepa Richmond Photography

Sundays start early for us these days. We signed Katie up for Bulgarian school this year to learn the language and Bulgarian folks dancing. We have been putting it off ever since we arrived, because we thought Katie is too small to really benefit from it before, but since we spent a long time back on the old continent this year and just returned from a six weeks long trip there, we thought the timing is perfect. Katie’s Bulgarian has improved tremendously during the time spent with my family and she has a great desire to learn and be able to speak to all the people she loves so much back there.

She has also been impatient about going to school (next year), so she is excited to pack her little folder and pencils, do her homework, practice.

We are hoping she can make some lasting friendships there too.

Pepa Richmond Photography

The pictures are from her second Sunday at school.