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Proshtupulnik vol.2

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I wrote about Katie’s proshtupulnuk some years ago, if you want to read what it is all about.

As silly as it is, it is one of my favourite Bulgarian traditions and I am also very thankful to have been around my Bulgarian family when time was due with both my girls. When you’ve grown up with a big family always near by, you really miss gatherings like this.

For Ivana we laid out the following items:

The little prince – to represent writer, poet

A large lego block – for architect

A mouse – any computer related jobs

A tennis ball – for sports player

A camera – because, you know :D

A ladle – cook

A pen – journalist, scientist, teacher

A pencil – for all visual arts

A doctor’s tool – because we all kind of hope on of the kids will follow in to their grand and great grandparents’ footsteps ;)

A coin – financier

A DVD – musician (now the funny thing – music has been a big part of my husband’s life so it was important for us to include something to  represent it, however no one In my family is very musical at all and it was a big struggle to find anything music related in my parents house. Aside from a bunch of old CDs, the only thing that actually had GOOD and not just any music on it, was this old DVD my husband got me:) )

Ivan picked out the coin without ANY hesitation and walked away with it. She played with it for another good 30 minutes and payed absolutely no attention to any of the other items on the table. Katie on the other hand stood in front of the plate of interesting items picking almost everything, after the paint brush. It will be interesting to reflect on all of this nonsense in 20+ years when it is time for them to choose professions :)

And a bonus entry if you are still reading – me and my sister at the same time of our lives!


^^ Sister, seems to have picked out a pen/ pencil. No one can really remember. My mom tells a funny story of how she initially reached for the sewing spool, but my gran, unhappy with her first choice, made a loud noise to distract her, before she can grab it :)


^^ And myself, reaching for an unidentified shiny object. Also why someone would put an ashtray there I have no idea. Maybe it was intended to hold the cloth in place, so I won’t judge too hard ;)


Katie made a friend

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Little sunshine

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Growing up way too fast.

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